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Silky Terrier

Short title: 
silky terrier

Silky Terriers behave like terriers. They're sturdy, hardy, quick and demanding. They're usually friendly with strangers and snappish with other pets. Silky Terriers are barkers and chasers. Keep them on a leash or in a fenced-in yard whenever they're outside.

Silky Terriers are part of the Toy group. Toy breeds are small companion dogs that were bred as pets for wealthy, cultured families. In general, toys are the perfect apartment dogs, since they require little, if any, outdoor exercise.

The Silky is lively, smart and friendly. He is affectionate but not demonstrative. He wants to stay close to his human companion, but don't expect him to curl up in your lap; according to many breeders, he's "more terrier than toy." This playful imp is not above making a little mischief - if left alone for too long, he may find creative ways in which to entertain himself. He is docile, although he may not tolerate roughhousing or teasing. He is constantly curious about everything around him.

Skye Terrier

Short title: 
skye terrier

Skye Terriers are more serious than most terriers. They're calm indoors, but need lots of personal attention. They're suspicious of strangers, and snappish with other animals. Skye Terriers are agile chasers - keep them on a leash or in an enclosed area when outdoors - and they love to dig.

Shih Tzu

Short title: 
shih tzu
The Shih Tzu is the ultimate companion dog. This mellow little fellow is both a gentle lapdog and a playful friend. He is outgoing, affectionate and trusting. He's surprisingly sturdy and is good with children. He can be stubborn one moment, then disarm with his charming clownishness the next.

Siberian Husky

Short title: 
siberian husky
The Sibe is fun loving, friendly, gentle, alert and outgoing. He has a delightful and affectionate temperament and is not usually possessive, territorial or suspicious of strangers. Siberians possess a stately beauty, smiling good humor and unparalleled work ethic. They have a great love for their family - they are not one-person dogs.

Scottish Terrier

Short title: 
scottish terrier
Full of character, the Scottie is intelligent, courageous, dignified and loyal. As a puppy, he is playful, but as he grows up, he takes on a more purposeful air. He is even-tempered and deeply devoted to his family, but he is also very independent and won't lavish attention even on those he loves. His discerning nature makes him naturally aloof toward strangers. Those who know him well consider this bewhiskered gentleman to be a friend and companion second to none.

Sealyham Terrier

Short title: 
sealyham terrier

Sealyhams are calm, but they do need exercise. They're very hardy and independent, and they love to bark and dig. They're suspicious of strangers, and snappish with other animals.

Sealyhams are part of the Terrier group. In general, terriers have a very distinctive personality that's unlike any other breed. They're feisty and energetic. Originally bred to hunt and kill vermin, terriers love the chase-don't let your terrier off its leash unless it's in an enclosed area.

Shetland Sheepdog

Short title: 
shetland sheepdog
The Sheltie's lively but gentle and responsive temperament makes him an outstanding companion. Naturally attentive and protective, given his shepherd ancestry, he is also extremely bright and intensely loyal. He is very attached to his family but can be reserved with strangers and has a predisposition to shyness, so he must be well socialized from an early age.

Shiba Inu

Short title: 
shiba inu

Shibas are very popular in Japan. These high-spirited dogs are lively outdoors, but quiet indoors. They're suspicious of strangers, but usually friendly with children and other pets.

Some owners describe the Shiba as cat-like in his independence and fastidiousness. He is exuberant, agile and quick, and he loves a good romp. Always self-assured, he can be headstrong. He is affectionate and playful with his family, but tends toward aloofness with strangers. The Shiba's natural guarding tendencies make him an excellent watchdog.

Scottish Deerhound

Short title: 
scottish deerhound

Scottish Deerhounds are quiet, gentle and easy-going. They like running and are most at home in the country. Scottish Deerhounds usually get along fine with other dogs, but they're sometimes aggressive with cats and rabbits. They're stubborn dogs that are hard to housebreak.


Short title: 

Samoyeds are playful and need lots of exercise. They love the cold outdoors. These dogs look and act happy - their black lips curve upwards so they look like they're smiling. They're very good with children, strangers and other pets. You might have a hard time housebreaking a Samoyed; however, and they're notorious chewers.

Samoyeds are working dogs. In general, working dogs pull sleds and carts, guard homes and serve in the military. Because these dogs intelligent and capable of learning almost anything, they make excellent companions.

The Samoyed is exceptionally friendly, easygoing, and affectionate. Gentle and trusting, this people-oriented dog was bred to work in a team, so he is very social and thrives in a family environment. This intelligent, dignified dog also has a playful side and can even turn mischievous when the mood strikes. According to some aficionados, the Sammy "displays affection to all mankind."
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