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Bouvier des Flandres

Short title: 
bouvier des flandres

Bouvier des Flandres are steady, rugged and calm. They are reserved and protective with strangers, and often aggressive with strange dogs. This is an intelligent, stubborn breed that needs a professional trainer.

Although the Bouvier des Flandres may look large and intimidating, he is only part of what he appears. He is affectionate, loyal, obedient, and even-tempered. A genuine working breed, the Bouvier's herding and guarding instincts are keen; he makes an exceptional watchdog. He needs an experienced and fair leader to bring out the best in him.

Border Collie

Short title: 
border collie
The classic Border Collie temperament is high energy, incredibly intelligent, sensitive, gentle, good natured, happy and honest. He tends to have a type-A personality with a get-it-done attitude. Dogs who come from working lines can be pushy and bossy, as this attitude is necessary for doing their job properly. Owners not interested in using the Border Collie for his original purpose would do well to find a breeder with "show" or "pet" dogs.

Belgian Tervuren

Short title: 
belgian tervuren
Like the other varieties of Belgian Sheepdog, the elegant Belgian Tervuren is smart, self-assured, loyal and honest. Watchful and protective of his family, the Tervuren is happiest when he has a job to do. Tervurens are alert and form strong bonds with their owners. Intelligent and sensitive, they need socialization from puppyhood.

Belgian Malinois

Short title: 
belgian malinois
The Malinois, like the other Belgian Shepherds, is smart, self-assured, loyal and honest. He is keenly sensitive and very family oriented. Devoted and protective, the Malinois wants to spend as much time as possible with his owners. He is known for his keen intelligence and willingness to work.

Belgian Sheepdog

Short title: 
belgian sheepdog
The Belgian Sheepdog is intelligent, courageous and devoted. Protective of his family, he can be possessive of their attention. The Belgian Sheepdog is serious and watchful and tends to strongly bond with his owner. He thrives when given a job to do.

Bearded Collie

Short title: 
bearded collie

The Bearded Collie is a herding dog. Herding dogs were originally bred to control the movement of sheep and cattle. While some breeds still work the farmlands, others are used for search and rescue and narcotics detection. When kept as pets, these dogs often try to "herd" their owners, by nipping at their owner's heels. If properly trained and exercised daily, herders make excellent family companions.

Beardies are the Three B's: bouncy, bubbly and boisterous. They are clowns, charmers, con artists and sweethearts. They make loving family pets who are extremely sensitive to their owners' moods. However, they can also be stubborn and strong willed, traits that kept them at their posts as sheepdogs for centuries. They are known for their intelligence and problem-solving abilities, which can make them challenging to live with.


Short title: 
The Beauceron is a serious working dog and as such is strong, courageous, resilient and even-tempered. Admired and respected by farmers, the military, and the local gendarmes(police), he has become more popular with people looking for watchful and attentive companions.

Australian Shepherd

Short title: 
australian shepherd
The Australian Shepherd is smart and friendly - a winning combination of intelligence, ability and personality. Most Aussies, especially those from working lines, are type A personalities, with "get it done now" attitudes. They are courageous, tireless and can be pushy or bossy without proper leadership from their owner.

Australian Cattle Dog

Short title: 
australian cattle dog
Challenged by the varying and often inhospitable terrain of Australia, the cattlemen there bred a versatile dog who could move livestock over anything and in almost any weather. This is an extremely intelligent, strong-willed, courageous and ever-alert breed, with strength and endurance unlike other dogs of comparable size. He is always "on duty." He takes things very seriously, considers himself almost indestructible, and thinks that his "person" is the very center of his universe.
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