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Swedish Vallhund

Short title: 
swedish vallhund

Vallhunds are bright little dogs that enjoy traveling. They're friendly with strangers, children and other pets, and they like to bark.

The clever and plucky Vallhund is a natural showoff and does not hesitate to vocalize his pure happiness in being alive. He is even-tempered, energetic, fearless and alert. He is also protective of his family and makes a good watchdog. Affectionate and intelligent, this breed is a wonderful companion.

Shetland Sheepdog

Short title: 
shetland sheepdog
The Sheltie's lively but gentle and responsive temperament makes him an outstanding companion. Naturally attentive and protective, given his shepherd ancestry, he is also extremely bright and intensely loyal. He is very attached to his family but can be reserved with strangers and has a predisposition to shyness, so he must be well socialized from an early age.


Short title: 

Most Pulis are assertive and agile; some are nervous and high-strung. These dogs are protective with strangers and aggressive with other animals. Pulis are sometimes aggressive with other animals. Because they're quick tempered, Pulis aren't the best companions for children. They love to bark and need lots of exercise.

Pulis are herding dogs. In general, herding dogs were originally bred to control the movement of sheep and cattle. While some breeds still work the farmlands, others are used for search and rescue and narcotics detection.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Short title: 
pembroke welsh corgi
Pembroke Welsh Corgis are personality plus -- bold but kind and noted for their intelligence and devotion. They tend to combine fearlessness and curiosity, and they enjoy exploring anything new. They are excellent problem solvers. They can be bossy and like to be in the center of activity and know what's going on. They are also playful and lovable, wanting nothing more than to be with their family as much as possible. Pembrokes are initially wary of strangers and can be territorial.

Old English Sheepdog

Short title: 
old english sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs originated in England, where they used to drive sheep and cattle. They are loving and peaceful and usually friendly with strangers, children and other pets. Because they are so large, they need lots of space for daily exercise.

The Old English Sheepdog is a herding dog. Herding dogs were originally bred to control the movement of sheep and cattle. While some breeds still work the farmlands, others are used for search and rescue, and narcotics detection. When kept as pets, these dogs often try to "herd" their owners by nipping at their heels.

German Shepherd Dog

Short title: 
german shepherd dog
GSDs are known for their exceptional loyalty, bravery and intelligence. As a dog who performs many special services and a host of tasks, he is by nature poised and unexcitable, with well-controlled nerves. The ideal German Shepherd is patient, quick-thinking, discriminating and keenly observant.


Short title: 



Extremely intelligent, kindhearted, affectionate and noble, Collies can be the "heroes" for their families just as Lassie was for hers. As herders/guardians, they were asked to think on their own, and there can be a trace of stubbornness in them. That said, Collies have earned the reputation as an extremely loyal and brave breed.

Canaan Dog

Short title: 
canaan dog

Caanan Dogs are extremely keen and alert, so they make excellent watchdogs. They're very gentle and adjust to almost any lifestyle if walked daily. They're reserved with strangers and sometimes aggressive with other dogs. They're usually good with children. Some Caanan dogs bark, dig and whine.

Caanan dogs are herding dogs. In general, herding dogs were originally bred to control the movement of sheep and cattle. While some breeds still work the farmlands, others are used for search and rescue and narcotics detection.

Developed from strains of dogs that had the instincts to survive for thousands of years on their own, the Canaan Dog retains a strong flight instinct, as well as an innate ability to care for himself. However, he is also a devoted companion who is intelligent and easily trained. He is affectionate with his family and loves to play.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Short title: 
cardigan welsh corgi

Believe it or not, these small dogs were originally bred to drive large herds of cattle by nipping at their heels. Welsh Corgis are hardy, steady dogs that are quite easy to live with. They're usually reserved with strangers, very good with other pets, but sometimes aggressive with strange dogs. They're smart little dogs that travel well. Welsh Corgis like to bark.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a lively disposition and is noted for his intelligence and devotion. Fun loving and affectionate, he likes to be involved in everything his family is doing. He can be standoffish with strangers but is playful and lovable with those he trusts. Alert and responsible, he makes a wonderful family pet.


Short title: 
The Briard is a big dog with a big personality: he can be a clown, a tease, a show-off, a gentleman, and even a "reserved philosopher." He can be aloof with strangers, but his loyalty and bravery make him a natural guardian of home and family. He is a sensitive soul, and unkind or unjust treatment can make the Briard skittish and even aggressive. However, enthusiastic and appreciative training and care will yield an even-tempered, affectionate dog.
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