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Basset Hound

Short title: 
basset hound
The Basset Hound is always friend, never foe. He is sweet, gentle, kind, naturally well behaved and devoted. Although he thrives on finding and tracking scents, he is not so single-minded that he forgets where he is or whom he's with. He may appear to waddle as he moves, but he is not clumsy.

American Foxhound

Short title: 
american foxhound
Although sweet and gentle at home, when out with the pack the American Foxhound is all business. The field-bred American Foxhound thrives on pack life. Those bred for the show ring are more amenable to life in the home, where they can still be aloof with strangers and will be happy to "cry" - a foxhunting term for baying loudly and long.

Afghan Hound

Short title: 
afghan hound

Afghans are dignified and beautiful, but they have a tendency toward nervousness. They're extremely fast runners, and they need daily walks and runs. Afghans are suspicious of strangers, and sometimes aggressive with cats and rabbits. Professional obedience training is highly recommended. Afghans are sometimes hard to housebreak.

The elegant and independent Afghan may fool you with his looks, on the outside, it's all flash and style; on the inside is a dog with a silly streak. An Afghan Hound is a fast friend who will follow you to the ends of the earth and quietly and faithfully be there for you. An athletic and determined dog, the Afghan can hold his own and is resilient and hardy. His unconditional love knows no bounds if you nurture his soft side.
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