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Tips for Choosing a Dog Leash

While there are a variety of important factors to consider when shopping for a dog collar, picking out a leash is a little easier.  “You have so many types to choose from, but it really comes down to what’s most comfortable for you and for the dog,” according to PetSmart Buyer Sonya Constable. The most common choices include:

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How to Measure for a Pet Bed

Every Pet Parent wants his or her pet to be as comfortable as possible when sleeping. Choosing the correct size bed is vital to your dog or cat getting a good night’s sleep, and it’s relatively easy to do.  

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Cats Love to Cuddle in Their Own Bed


Is there any other creature better than a cat who knows how to curl up tight and cozy? With the wide variety of colors, fabrics, styles and materials available, you're sure to find the right bed that fits your cat's needs and personality.

Many cats love the secure feeling that a nest bed gives. Nest beds generally use a firm & Read more �

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