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Short title: 
These tiny Poodle crosses have a huge zest for life. Yorkipoos are spunky, intelligent, fun-loving dogs who make great companions. They like to cuddle and give attention to their loved ones, but they can also have a sassy, stubborn side. Their funny antics are sure to charm the entire family.


Short title: 
The Pekeapoo is good natured, lively and highly affectionate, and he bonds very closely with his owner. This playful dog loves to spend time playing with and amusing his people. He is protective of his family and can be wary of strangers, so early socialization is necessary. Sensitive and intelligent, the Pekeapoo makes a lovely and charming companion.


Short title: 
Although Maltipoos inherit their personality traits from both the Maltese and the Poodle, the former appears to have slightly more influence on the typical Maltipoo's temperament. He is extremely emotional and sensitive and bonds closely to his owner. He is also loving, giving and empathetic, gravitating toward family members in need of cheering up. Although he's a small dog, don't be fooled by the Maltipoo's dainty facade - he's surprisingly quick to defend his family or what he considers his territory, especially if an intruder startles him.


Short title: 
Goldendoodles are smart and fun-loving dogs. They are extremely sociable, affectionate and highly trainable. They don't usually retain the independent streak of the Poodle and therefore require plenty of interaction and attention. They make excellent family pets.


Short title: 
Known for his kind nature, the Cavachon makes a wonderful companion. Both parents are consummate "lapdogs," and this hybrid is no exception. Intelligent and playful, he can be surprisingly active. He is friendly and outgoing to everyone he meets, which makes him easy to socialize. He loves giving and receiving affection from friends and family.
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