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Short title: 

Kees (KAZE) are gentle and quiet dogs that need daily exercise. They're usually suspicious of strangers, but they get along well with other pets and children. Kees are sometimes hard to housebreak.

Outgoing and family oriented, the Keeshond is sometimes called "the laughing Dutchman." Joyful, cuddly and gregarious, it is no wonder they are the centers of attention in their homes. They enjoy and thrive on their family's affection and want to be part of all activities.

French Bulldog

Short title: 
french bulldog
Playful, clownish, inquisitive and extremely affectionate, French Bulldogs are exceptional companions and playmates. These easy-to-care-for and easygoing dogs are loving pets who bond strongly with their owners.

Finnish Spitz

Short title: 
finnish spitz

The Finish Spitz is the national dog of Finland. Finnish Spitz have an unusual hunting style - they'll flush a grouse into a tree, flick their tails repeatedly and alert their owners with a high-pitched bark.

Finnish Spitz look and act a lot like foxes. They're hardy, independent and need daily exercise. They're usually suspicious of strangers and sometimes aggressive with other dogs.

Once you get to know him, the Finnish Spitz is playful and clownish, actively seeking attention and interaction. Loyalty and bravery are two of his trademarks, and when he is bonded with his family, there is little that can come between them. To this end, he can be protective and reserved with strangers. Socialization from a young age helps take the edge off, but this is just the way he is. This does not mean that he is shy or spooky; rather, he holds off on being overly emotive until he feels comfortable.


Short title: 

Dalmatians are sometimes so playful they're high-strung. They need vigorous daily exercise or they'll become very destructive. Although most Dalmatians love kids, they're often too big and clumsy for young children. They're sometimes suspicious of strangers and aggressive with other dogs. Males will roam if they're not fenced in.

Coton de Tulear

Short title: 
coton de tulear
The Coton de Tulear is a cute, sociable dog whose gentle, affectionate nature makes him a real charmer. He bonds strongly to his family and loves to shower those he loves with "kisses." Alert and energetic, the Coton is an able watchdog, willing to sound off on any possible intruders or interesting activity. Although solicitous and eager to please, he has a stubborn, independent streak and is not a pushover.

Chow Chow

Short title: 
chow chow

This breed comes in two varieties: the Rough Chow Chow and the Smooth Chow Chow. Chows are introverted and independent. They're extremely protective, one-person dogs. In general, they can be very aggressive with other animals, and will bite if annoyed or startled.


Short title: 
Cockapoos have a sweet and patient nature. They are loyal, intelligent and friendly, with a calm and mellow disposition. Cockapoos are very people-oriented and love to clown around with family and friends.

Chinese Shar-Pei

Short title: 
chinese shar-pei

The Chinese Shar-Pei is a non-sporting dog. Shar-Peis are dignified dogs that are very clean. They adapt well to city life if walked daily. Some are unaffectionate, but others are lovable. They're suspicious of strangers and aggressive with other animals. Shar-Peis are usually good with children.

One look at a Shar-Pei puppy, with his hippopotamus-like face, tiny ears, and abundant wrinkles, is usually all it takes to fall in love with this breed. Prospective owners must keep the guard-dog component of his heritage in mind, however, and properly socialize him. Calm, steady, and dignified but alert, the breed's first instinct toward outsiders is suspicion, so it may be somewhat reserved with strangers. Although he is independent and aloof by nature, the Shar-Pei is very devoted and loyal to family members once he has learned to trust and respect them.


Short title: 
Despite his fierce origins, today's Bulldog is probably one of the gentlest breeds. His ferocious but comical mug and powerful yet awkward gait are unmistakable. He is extremely affectionate with his family and craves its affection and attention. He may weigh 50 pounds (23 kg), but he considers himself a lapdog. The Bulldog wants to make those around him happy - and usually succeeds!

Boston Terrier

Short title: 
boston terrier
The Boston Terrier's size, temperament, ease of upkeep and overall good looks endear him to many. Keen, intelligent, active and biddable, he has the uncanny ability to mirror his owner's moods. Many retain the spunky attitude of the typical terrier. The Boston has a sense of humor and can be quite playful, yet he will settle down nicely when his owner is ready to relax. Affectionate and sensitive, he is a friend and playmate to people of all ages.
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