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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Short title: 
wirehaired pointing griffon

Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are pleasant and gentle. They love to run and need lots of exercise. They're reserved with strangers and do best in quiet households. They gets along well with other pets, but are sometimes hard to housebreak.

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon ("WPG") is a wonderful companion for those who love the outdoors. Good natured and affable, he thrives on long walks through all kinds of environments. Indoors, he is a mellow dog who wants to share your time by staying near you. The WPG is patient yet playful - a large, solid dog with a stable disposition.


Short title: 
The Weimaraner is a talented, high-energy dog. "Friendly," "fearless," "alert" and "obedient" are words usually used to describe this breed, and he is all these things and more. He was bred to handle tough situations, and he doesn't back down easily. He learns quickly and bores quickly. Effusively affectionate with his family and those he knows, the Weimaraner can be aloof and territorial with strangers.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Short title: 
welsh springer spaniel

Welsh Springer Spaniels are quiet and steady. Although they look a lot like English Springer Spaniels, they're much less outgoing. Welsh Springers are suspicious of strangers, but they get along well with children and other animals.


Short title: 
Graceful and aristocratic, the energetic Vizsla is a multi-purpose dog who is the ideal sporting dog and also an excellent family pet. Affectionate and handsome, loyal and caring, he forms strong bonds with his owners. When properly socialized, the Vizsla is highly sociable and demonstrative and is sure to draw attention wherever he goes.

Sussex Spaniel

Short title: 
sussex spaniel

Sussex Spaniels are slower and less playful than other spaniels, but they still need lots of exercise. They're sometimes aggressive with other dogs and difficult to housebreak. Sussex spaniels love to howl.

Spinone Italiano

Short title: 
spinone italiano
This charming gentleman is calm, affectionate and easygoing, although he can be timid if he is not socialized as a puppy. When socialized, he is friendly toward strangers, if sometimes cautious. He quickly bonds with his family. He is loyal and faithful, but he will never forget a betrayal. As an adult he is docile but still playful. He is courageous but not aggressive. The Spinone is happiest when treated as a member of the family.


Short title: 

Pointers are sweet and gentle but very energetic. They prefer to live with quiet adults, and are somewhat suspicious of strangers. They get along well with other pets. Pointers are stubborn and easily distracted.

The Pointer is a fine family dog, with energy to spare for play and activities with young ones. He also has a love of hunting that pleases the more serious and the weekend sportsman. He has plenty of stamina, courage and loyalty, but his hard-driving nature can result in a dog who may be more than some can handle. Obedience training and socialization from puppyhood are both important for this breed.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Short title: 
nova scotia duck tolling retriever
Although he is the smallest of the retrievers in overall size, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (often called "Toller" by his admirers) is certainly not "shorter" of natural talent. So keen is his desire to work that owners say that he bears a sad expression on his face until he can participate in a retrieving game or a real hunt, during which he is animated and exceptionally in tune to the task at hand. Tolling is a natural ability, and while it needs to be trained so that the dog can master certain idiosyncrasies of the style, it cannot be taught.

Labrador Retriever

Short title: 
labrador retriever
Labrador Retrievers are sensible, even-tempered, affectionate, intelligent and willing to please. They are enthusiastic retrievers and swimmers and can be kept happy for hours with a tennis ball or flying disc tossed repeatedly - especially if it's tossed in the water. At the same time, Labs love to relax along with the family, and they settle right into the routine at home.

Irish Setter

Short title: 
irish setter

Irish Setters are playful and sometimes impulsive. They need lots of exercise and will become destructive if confined too long. They're good with children and other pets.

Irish Setters are sporting dogs. In general, sporting dogs are active and alert and require daily exercise. Because they have superior instincts in the water and woods, sporting dogs are often used for hunting. If exercised and properly trained, most sporting dogs make excellent pets.

Big, elegant and athletic, with a flowing red coat and upbeat personality, the Irish Setter turns heads wherever he appears. His devil-may-care personality, paired with a happy-go-lucky air, endear him to all who meet him. He is more than good looks and personality, though. The Irish Setter is a delightful companion and a friend to all he encounters, enthusiastic, intelligent and loving. As his hunting instincts are nurtured, he is once again proving himself in the field.
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