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Short title: 
Happy at heart, Papillons are full of energy and fun. These busy and curious dogs bond strongly with their owners and love to learn tricks to further please their people. Extremely intelligent, versatile, and hardier than they may appear, Papillons can be trained to do all sorts of things. Although some can be bold and pushy, others have some natural shyness.

Miniature Pinscher

Short title: 
miniature pinscher
His nickname is "The King of Toys," and when you get to know a Miniature Pinscher, it's clear why. He is a self-assured, gregarious showman who can light up a room. Curious and fearless, there is not much that the Min Pin misses - or allows himself to miss. He bonds steadfastly to his family and wants to be with them always and everywhere. He is not shy about communicating and uses his voice freely. Overall, he is a fun-loving dog and a charming little dynamo.

Manchester Terrier (Toy)

Short title: 
manchester terrier (toy)

Manchester Terriers are hardy and well-mannered. They're diggers and chasers, however, keep them on a leash or in a fenced-in yard when outdoors. Manchesters are usually reserved with strangers and aggressive with other animals.

Manchester Terriers are part of the Terrier group. In general, terriers have a very distinctive personality that's unlike any other breed. They're feisty and energetic. Originally bred to hunt and kill vermin, terriers love the chase-don't let your Terrier off its leash unless it's in an enclosed area.

Manchesters are true terriers: spirited, intelligent, and independent, yet loyal and devoted. Although they are independent minded and not particularly clingy, they need to be with their people to be content, and they generally make wonderful companions. Manchesters retain their ratter instincts in their desire to chase and play, and they enjoy playing fetch and pouncing on small toys. Both the Standard and Toy varieties benefit from active socialization from puppyhood, especially with children of all ages.


Short title: 
The Maltese is a small dog with a personality! Spirited, intensely affectionate, loyal, mischievous, adorable -- Maltese owners will never be bored or lonely with this breed in the family. They are playful dogs who thrive on positive interactions. Gentle and fearless, they combine the qualities of a lapdog with those of a watchdog. They are sweet, good-natured and sensitive, and they need plenty of human contact to thrive.

Japanese Chin

Short title: 
japanese chin

Japanese Chins are playful but calm. They're great apartment dogs that are easily trained. They get along well with strangers and other pets, but they're often afraid of young children.

The Japanese Chin is a toy breed. Toy breeds are small companion dogs that were originally bred as pets for wealthy, cultured families. In general, toys are the perfect apartment dogs, since they require little, if any, outdoor exercise.

Japanese Chin were bred to be highly valued companions, and deep inside, they seem to know it. They are demanding of attention yet solicit it in an utterly charming and noble way. Intelligent, lively, happy, mild-mannered yet playful, they are truly delightful companion animals.

Italian Greyhound

Short title: 
italian greyhound
The tiny Italian Greyhound (nicknamed Iggy by fanciers) is inquisitive, gentle, loyal and submissive, yet fast and often mischievous. Affectionate and strongly bonded to his owner (often to the point of becoming a one-person dog), he makes a complex and compelling companion. He can be shy, so socialization from puppyhood is essential to help him cope in all situations.


Short title: 
The Havanese is a delightful companion - responsive, alert, curious, mindful, and fond of everyone. He grows very attached to his family and loves to amuse them with funny antics. Outgoing and intelligent, he lives up to his reputation as a charming companion.

English Toy Spaniel

Short title: 
english toy spaniel

The English Toy Spaniel comes in four color varieties: the King Charles, the Ruby, the Blenheim and the Prince Charles.

Unlike most toy breeds, the English Toy Spaniel isn't demanding; it's very easy to live with. These quiet and calm little dogs adjust well to apartments, and need little, if any, outdoor exercise. English Toy Spaniels are somewhat suspicious of strangers, and they get along well with kids and other pets.

This toy spaniel (nicknamed "Charlie" by admirers) shares his bigger namesakes' endearing qualities: an exuberance for life, a truly affectionate nature and a passion for his people. He is naturally well behaved, quiet and sweet. Although merry and gregarious with his owner, he can be shy with those he doesn't know, but this is quickly overcome if he is treated with kindness and respect.

Chinese Crested

Short title: 
chinese crested

Chinese Crested come in two varieties: the Hairless Chinese Crested and the Powderpuff Chinese Crested.

Chinese Crested are happy little dogs. They climb and jump like cats. They require little outdoor exercise, so they make great apartment pets. They're usually good with children, strangers and other animals, but they tend to be timid.

Lively, exuberant, playful and affectionate, the Chinese Crested easily wins over the hearts of everyone he meets. People are curious about how a hairless dog feels, and the Crested welcomes their touch. They have a hare foot (longer than most) and can grasp and hold onto toys, food, and people - owners even describe how they "hug" you when held. They make wonderful, loving companions.


Short title: 
It is the Chihuahua's personality, as well as his size, that have endeared him to generations of people around the world. Lively, alert, large hearted, playful and extremely affectionate, the Chihuahua almost demands to be loved. These dogs bond closely with their owners and want to be with them at all times. Because it's so easy to take them everywhere, that is easily accomplished.
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