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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Short title: 
cavalier king charles spaniel
Bright, cheerful, lovable and friendly to a fault, it is the rare Cavalier who does not greet everyone and everything with great joy. Still, he is not a hyper dog at all; rather, he is naturally well behaved and downright adoring, with big expressive eyes and a tail that seems to be constantly wagging. Large enough to handle romps in the great outdoors but small enough to fit snugly in a lap, he is a versatile, endearing dog. In fact, his nickname - "the love sponge" - describes the Cavalier to a tee.

Brussels Griffon

Short title: 
brussels griffon
The Brussels Griffon is a fun, confident, adaptable breed with an almost human expression. He is quite intelligent and sensitive, with a vital and lively disposition that belies his size. Affectionate and loyal, he bonds strongly with his owner. He has a tendency to be shy with strangers, though, and needs early socializing.

American Eskimo Dog (Toy)

Short title: 
american eskimo dog (toy)

American Eskimo adapt well to city life if exercised daily. Eskimo dogs love to play games and are usually friendly with strangers, children and other pets.

Playful, charming, affectionate, intelligent, willing to please - these traits all describe the American Eskimo dog. An energetic, spunky breed, the Eskie is slow to mature and retains his puppy-like playfulness for several years. He is intelligent and needs to be a part of his family's daily life. American Eskimo dogs are barkers, but this trait has resulted in a big watchdog in a small and loving body.


Short title: 

Affenpinschers are very intelligent and emotional. Be careful not to spoil your Affenpinscher -- these cute little dogs can be very demanding if you let them. Affenpinschers appreciate frequent exercise and they love to bark.

Affenpinschers are part of the Toy group. In general, Toy breeds are small companion dogs that were originally bred as pets for wealthy, cultured families. Today, toys are the perfect apartment dogs, since they require little, if any, outdoor exercise.

The Affenpinscher is curious, alert and quick to learn.
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