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Komondors are calm and serious, but they need a great deal of supervision, and lots of space for exercise. They're extremely protective and aggressive with other dogs. Komondors need professional obedience training, and they love to bark.

Komondors are working dogs. In general working dogs pull sleds and carts, guard homes, and serve in the military. Because these dogs are intelligent and capable of learning almost anything, they make excellent companions.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Short title: 
greater swiss mountain dog
Even-tempered and generally mellow, the Swissy is a wonderful family dog. His enjoyment of pulling carts or sleds delights children, especially, and he is a real people-loving dog. He still retains some guard dog instincts, too, and is protective of his family, although not aggressive. He is a good watchdog, as he will alert his family to anything unusual, but once assured that there is no threat, returns to his generally calm state. He is a slow-maturing dog who is still puppyish well into his second or third year.

Great Dane

Short title: 
great dane

Great Pyranees

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great pyranees

Great Pyranees are calm, serious and independent dogs that usually becomes strongly attached to one person. Males are often aggressive with other males. Great Pyranees need lots of exercise and they love the cold outdoors.

Wise and dependable, the Great Pyrenees would give his life to protect his flock - livestock or human. He is serious about protecting those he loves. He can be wary of strangers (as he should be), especially on "his" territory, but with his family, his devotion knows no bounds. This is a large, imposing dog who, while gentle, can appear foreboding to those who aren't dog savvy.

Giant Schnauzer

Short title: 
giant schnauzer

A Giant Schnauzer is happiest with an owner who loves the outdoors. Although Giant Schnauzers like kids, they often have too much energy for young children. They're sometimes aggressive with other dogs, and they're usually reserved with strangers. Some bloodlines are calmer than others.

Giant Schnauzers are working dogs. In general, working dogs pull sleds and carts, guard homes and serve in the military. Because these dogs are intelligent and capable of learning almost anything, they make excellent companions.

Giant Schnauzers are bold, spirited and protective, and they have been described as working dogs with the temperament of a terrier - meaning they take their jobs seriously and won't back down. They are boisterous and playful and can be intimidating to those who don't understand them. On the other hand, they are loyal and loving almost to a fault; they bond deeply with those closest to them and do not enjoy being separated from them. They will protect their loved ones in the face of any danger.

German Pinscher

Short title: 
german pinscher
The multitalented and intense German Pinscher has always been valued most for the job that he does, which requires a dog who is highly alert, capable of independent thinking, deliberate and wary of strangers. Intelligent and assertive, he has highly developed senses and is always "on." If his family is threatened, he proves fearless and tenacious. He must have strong leadership or will run the house "his way." He retains a puppy-like playfulness well into adulthood.

Doberman Pinscher

Short title: 
doberman pinscher
Today's well-bred Doberman Pinschers are loyal and true, as playful as Herr Dobermann's dogs were intimidating. They are still extremely athletic and powerful, light-footed and aristocratic, intelligent and confident. Because ethical breeders have been selecting for levelheadedness and responsiveness instead of ferociousness, Dobies have become loving, loyal dogs. Versatility is still a noble characteristic of this breed.


Short title: 
Devoted and alert, the Bullmastiff is essentially calm. He is affectionate and trustworthy with his family, on whom he keeps a close eye. Should he feel that he or someone close to him is in danger, he will respond. He is protective but not aggressive. The Bullmastiff's size and strength can be intimidating, so training and socialization are important.


Short title: 
The Boxer's short muzzle and broad skull give him a curious expression that is instantly recognizable the world over. He is dignified and self-confident yet playful, curious, energetic and high-spirited. He is a smart-looking and smart-acting companion who worships his family and will defend them if necessary.

Black Russian Terrier

Short title: 
black russian terrier
BRTs have a strong protective instinct but a balanced temperament. They are calm, confident and loyal and can be aloof with strangers. This is a highly intelligent breed - sensitive and enthusiastic. They thrive on contact with their human family and do not function well without it. Thorough obedience training and socialization are essential with this breed.
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